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Responding to the rising interest in thermal insulation using External Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) in Ireland, KerryTherm Group are on hand to deal with all enquiries from those homeowners interested in providing themselves with a warmer home and savings on fuel costs.

KerryTherm have been operating since 2010 as one of the very first professional groups providing and installing external insulation to the highest European standards in Co. Kerry. KerryTherm operate in association with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI REG. No IAB/E132), and the Better Energy Homes Scheme(SEAI REG. No. 14360). We are also C2 registered and operate as subcontractors.

As a strong team of experienced insulation specialists, certified and fully insured who care deeply for our clients and recommend the best solutions, tailor made for each individual customer. We bring vast experience of installation from Poland to Ireland.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries you might have regarding terms of cooperation.

Supplier company has been producing external insulation products since 1990, and their research and technological testing are among the best in the world.Their products are in use right across Europe, and have stood the test in time in provision of aesthetically pleasing finishes and substantial insulation qualities.

The (Warrantor) grants upon request a 5 year warranty for the Products used in the building specified in the Certificate of Warranty (hereinafter referred to as the Period of Warranty). The Warrantor assures under this Warranty that within the Period of Warranty the products shall meet the requirements specified in p.1 of the Certificate of Warranty, Code of Practice for full details. The External Thermal Insulation Composite System when used in accordance to the European Technical Approval and Irish Agrément Board Certificate has a 25 year expected life time on the completed system.

Kerrytherm gives a 24 month warranty on workmanship, beginning from the date of signing the completion document.


KerryTherm are based in Tralee, Co Kerry. KerryTherm Group – Here to Help

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